Stuff Makes Stuff: The Podcast – Ep. 1: One Little Corner


I’m starting a podcast to accompany the posts I do on Wednesdays. The podcast will feature conversations with people who inspire the weekly posts, just so that you can discover more of where I am personally inspired each week. Of course, this means I’m going to need to be more on top of posting regularly, and I’d like to say I’ll put an episode out every two weeks, but we’ll see how it goes. Right now I don’t even have the money to afford space online to store the episode files, but I’m looking to upgrade my blog to a full-fledged website soon ( sounds so pretty), and will be able to host regular podcasts with that so that you can enjoy them with ease on your iPhones and iPads and HTC1’s.

You can check out this week’s blog post here, and for the moment, I hope you enjoy the player below which features the very first episode of Stuff Makes Stuff: The Podcast:

If you did enjoy this, please share it! I was up till 3am last night working on it, and it would mean the world to me to know that a phone call I had with one of my favorite musicians had an impact on your life.


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2 thoughts on “Stuff Makes Stuff: The Podcast – Ep. 1: One Little Corner

  1. Katheryn says:

    Hayden, I guess I didn’t know you were such a writer. Glad I found your blog. You know, Kellie and I should come over and plastic-wrap your bed again sometime. 🙂

  2. Dani says:

    Hello, my name is Danielle, and I’m a stalker.

    Hayden, your blog posts lately have been really great, so great that you brought me out of my lurking ways. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging me as we go through this thing called life.

    I also have to say that your voice sounded crazy good as a podcaster. Very professional sounding piece of work there.

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